Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Pimple Updated

OK I was writing a very long post, but basically all I want to say is that: THE PIMPLE CONTINUED has been updated. I am a neglectful host to this poor fiction and poetry blog and never do anything to promote it. It's mainly all the flash fiction and poetry from this blog, in no particular order, but there we go.

Also I did this quiz thing ages ago (when I was wasting time) about what kind of shoes I am. Barefoot apparently, and I agree, but... I currently have the last of my toenail about to fall off, a nail that cut my toe and I couldn't work out which toe was bleeding, a verruca and kids keep stepping on my foot as well as bloody stupid people on the metro. So will life please stop abusing my feet so that I can continue my barefoot lifestyle. Do you think this is The Pimple sending out retribution?

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